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Dr. Tina Huang
Let's Talk Brain Health

Our brains undergo significant changes as we age, sometimes leading to cognitive issues! Join Jeanne in her conversation with Dr. Tina Huang about brain health and strategies for maintaining it as we age. Staying informed and proactive enables individuals, especially women, to take charge of their brain health and enjoy fulfilling and cognitively vibrant lives as they age! Stay tuned!

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How will you choose to navigate your
Menopause Journey?

Choose your destination(s):
Oh, the places you'll go! Maybe you believe that you've chosen your path, that there's nothing left to do but live out your life. But, you'd be wrong! Because menopause gives us the perfect "nudge" to re-examine what you want out of life. You get to choose.

It all starts with a
Menopause Journey Mapping: Chart Your Course to Hormonal Harmony


Here’s what happens when you schedule your session:

  • You’ll spend a few minutes completing (or reviewing) a survey of some of the symptoms you are currently experiencing.

  • Before we meet, I’ll review your responses and get an idea of what I believe might be the underlying hormonal imbalances that are most affecting you.

  • During our time together, I’ll ask you some questions to verify my understanding of your symptoms and explore the extent of the impact of hormonal imbalances on your health, your relationships, your life.

  • I’ll explain the options that you have to reduce your symptoms, take control of your Menopause Journey, and delight in your life as you move into this new and amazing part of your life.

  • And, finally, you’ll get a chance to get your questions answered.

You'll come away with a deeper understanding of how menopause is (and might, in the future) affecting you and how you, too, make this the best time of your life!

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    July 28th
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  • Workshop: The Sleep Dilemma: Why you struggle with sleeping during menopause and what you can do about it!
    July 14th

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Menopause symptoms
driving you crazy?

They don't have to!

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