Menopause Matters
The Podcast

How to Listen to Podcasts on Your iPhone

This tutorial is for Listening, Subscribing, Rating, and Reviewing a Podcast on iTunes.

Open your podcast app, which looks like this:

Search for the podcast, using the magnifying glass on the bottom. Search for Menopause Matters and pick the one with my glorious purple and blue splat! by tapping it.

Subscribing: Tap on the Plus sign on the top line. That's it!

Downloading the episodes: Swipe up to reach the episodes. Select each episode to select it. Tap the down arrow on the top row to download.

Rate and review: From the screen which lists all the episodes, keep scrolling down till you reach the blank stars. Select 5 stars. Keep scrolling a little farther to the "Write a Review" line. Tap this and it will give you a screen to write a review.

Why I Covet Your Subscriptions, Downloads, Ratings, and Reviews

I became a podcaster, and specifically a podcaster about menopause, because I believe there's way too little information shared about menopause. I write about it, yes. But it takes way too long to create and publish a book. Podcasting is much faster and it allows me to bring you information not just from my own knowledge base, but also that of my amazing friends and guests.

When you subscribe, download (even the episodes you aren't interested in listening to right away), rate and review my podcast, it pushes it higher in the rankings and it is shown to more women as an option. And they get a chance to know more about menopause.

So, if you find this information valuable, if you think more women should have access to information about menopause, if you think Menopause Matters, then I ask you to take a moment to subscribe, download, rate, and review.

And if you know other women who are going through the same thing (it really does happen to us all, sooner or later), won't you share the link with them?

Because, after all, we aren't going crazy; our hormones are.